Friday, October 12, 2007


Im getting really anoyed with google and my website. 1 day its 5th on the 1st page. Next day its no longer ON google!!! But of course the fantastic BRAND DNA hangs on fine!!! So i say to myself what if i search it in google and then click Im feeling lucky?? I just get a website that had a comment left by my dad saying check out my sons website!! Its getting really anoying!! And i blame everybody who ISNT viewing my website!! Oh and i got a hair cut. i look like an ~insert random word here~~!!!! So remember i wont write about my problams if u get more people to look.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What the hell is the point!!!

I was on amazon yesterday searching for Ramones and then i found Brats On The Beat. A mix up of beat on the brat. Its ramones songs with kiddie lyrics. They barely even changed the lyrics so it just sounds really bad cos its not bein sung by Joey. Just a bunch of diffrent bands. You can hear some of the songs on there myspace. It really really does suck. I dont see the point its pretty much just a slowed down song with kids screaming and men that sound like pedifials singing. Sorry but its true!!

Just thought i would tell you.

I couldn't think of a title so yeah. Im here to show you Smosh. You may have heard of them there on youtube. There the most subscribed of all time on youtube. There videos are pretty much like short sketches. There reguarly pretty damn funny. Im gonna show you one of them and be sure to watch some of the others on youtube. This ones called Easy Step. Byeeee

Sunday, September 23, 2007

ohhh the coloursss.

Hooray! The holidays are turning out to be better than before! But the main reason is I GOT AIR FORCE 1s!!!!!!!!!!! My dad took me to a store where they sold shoes (duh) and then i got em!!!!! They were $150 and are cream,stripes,Brown,yellow,blue
etc. And mum if you are reading this

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BURN THE SCHOOL BURN THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
These were just some of the things being shouted out 2:35 today. The end of term 3. hooray i say. Now that the holidays are here i shall never know if its monday or if its sunday. Cos ill be too busy PARTIAN DOWN!!!!!!!! Well if anyone who goes on this unpopular site and actually ended up playin the impossible quiz i warn you. It will slow broadband users down in a matter of time. So watch out. Oh and im still not on page 1 of google. SO CMON!!!!! INVITE!!!!!! Thats it for me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Im back baby..........

Im back from what i would like to call a short break. Its quite simple really i just do other stuff and not care if you want more or not. You should try it sometime! But while i was away i stumbled across a game. So intense,odd,weird,stupid and fun that you have to try it whether your 11 or 47. (sorry if you 48 or over) It requires insane logic and half the questions dont make any sence. I am speaking of course about The impossible quiz. I truly reccomend you play the first one first because it helps for some of the questions in the second and its also easyer. In the 1st there are 110 questions and in the second there are 10 more. Oh and tell your friends and family about plastic-heart because i got bumped down to page 2 on google!!!! So i need more viewers.........well if there are any viewers. As always im gonna leave you with a video.OHHHHHH and speaking of videos this Xmas my friend Seb will be gettin a video camera!! And when that happens we will officialy be Juicebox Productions on Youtube!!! Our first video will be a day in the life of Ben. (a guy from school) And should be very funny. Seb will edit then send or bring the final film to me and i will tell him if there needs to be changing! Every video will also be put on my website so you can enjoy watching my videos without leaving my awesome website! Its a win win situation! So have a lookout for them around the summer holidays and please comment. I will hold many things to do about Juicebox on the website including new videos and AUDITIONS!!!!!! hehehehehehehe. Now i WILL leave you with a CARAAZY arab band singin The Clashs Rock The Casbah!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Things....

Today im gonna tell you about some NEW things!! First is the exiting (not really) new Blackle. A search engine by Google that saves energy!!! i dont know how but it does! Its like Google only less results and a sexy new black layout!

My second thing is that it has come to the time of the year where the new I-Pods have arrived. Theres the touch i-pod wich is actually quite amazing but i can be stuffed to write about it theres also the new Nanos wich are now small and square. And the new I-pod wich is now got Safari And is made of aliminum.

And last but not least is The Impossible Quiz 1 and 2. Bassicly quizes that dont make sence, very hard, over 100 questions, includes tons of mini games, very clever and has great animation. Just blackle it and youll see. I leave you with a funny ad.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

There Adidas

I stubled across this video on Youtube of RUN DMC talking about there adidas. Just wanted whoevers out there to see it. Oh and i guess i did find some stuff to write about. But still no info on gettin songs on. Bye,Max


I was watching Labrynth with my sister the other day and i hadnt seen it for AGES!! And i had completley forgot about one of the best characters in the whole movie. Im speaking ofcourse about William The Worm!!! Everybody loves him and he even has his own website! Yes he everybodys favourite and probably has the shortest line in the whole movie. Even if he did trick the main character. But that didnt stop anybody from loving the litle adorable yet weird worm! Heres the video of him in action. If u havnt seen Labrynth then dont rush because it isnt the greatest movie but certanly a good one.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I was bored ok

Because i cant think of ANYTHING to post about i decided to make a fansite for the best band in the world.You know Turps. So you can visit and soon enough ill learn how to get music onto it. So unless i find somethin to write about or i find out how then dont expect much.oh and heres the link...Here!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I found something out today that i never knew. im sure many people did but i didnt. Today i found out that there is actually Candy Cigarettes! I only thought there were "candy sticks" like Fads. But these are actually called Candy Cigarettes. weird..and really what is the point. A cigarette is something that kills you. A stick of candy is something to enjoy. There two very diffrent things

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The glory of interactive games....

I have no idea how much time these people have on there hands but all i know is that they have too much! The guitars that come with Guitar hero are PERFECTLY FINE!! So why go to the effort of making your own cooler looking one? Oh right because it LOOKS cooler it dosent PLAY better now does it?? I am talking ofcourse about custom guitar hero controllers search em up some time.

And another thing about D.I.Y Guitar hero. Custom Songs! If your a computer whizz and you have mod chip for your PS2 and/or Xbox360 You can put in your own songs! And it makes the notes for you!

And my one last things the makers of Guitar Hero.....Comes.... ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!A new game being made for PS3 and Xbox360 (sigh). Imagine guitar hero only theres also drums,bass and singing! You can buy the all the instaments sepretlay and stick to 1 instrement or buy them together and rock out with some friends!! You can also go online and start a band with a bunch of freaks youve never met!! Its expected to come out soon but i think it might have come out in the states because its on Amazon?


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some MORE things to talk about (yay!)

Ok so ill start with the bad....i feel like absoloute CRAP! i have a cold virus of somesort and i hate it! i rather be at SCHOOL (shrudder) but enough moaning from me!

FIRST~Belive it or not but guess what game there making now.Wrong the correct answer is a Jackass game! What the hell is wrong with people these days!! And while were on the topic of games i got the new Guitar Hero game! Its 80s Guitar Hero! Same charecters new 80s look!! New Songs too!!

SECOND~A New sexy if I say so myself layout!!

THIRD~One last Grizzle before i leave i am so PISSED OFF at people on Youtube who leave comments like this: Youtube isnt good for naked woman i like *porn website* ITS SO ANOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Awwww Cute!

These are two really cute new vinyl toys from Kidrobot Its no suprise because there always this cool but these ones i just HAD to share! Ones an easter edition of the popular Labbits. The other one is called a Cthulhu...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Um.... Ok.....

I think this is a sign that Air Guitar has just gotta lot more weird. Even though i think its against the Air Guitar rules i found this weird thing for air guitar. Its a thing u hold up like a neck of a guitar and then press the buttons. Struming the air will cause the buttons to make noise!! But im still not 100% sure........

YAY New Things To Talk About!!

Ok first its becoming slightly more likley that ill be sein the Arctic Monkeys!!

Second. Im REALLY happy because Guitar Hero ||| is gonna be on PS2!!!! So i dont have to cough up $1000 to by a PS3.
And i know quite a lot of the songs aswell!!

Third. I conkered my fear of the Scissors at Luna Park!! I can now ride them!! (or maybe it was because i was with a friend?)

Fourth. The Simpsons movie comes out in a couple of days. I hope its good. Because somethin tells me its REALLY overated..

Oh and Japan was great...

Oh and this is the FULLY SICK!!! trailer for GH3...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i think...

Um... I think this ad for ray-ban is about sharing your greatest moments with your sunnies or somethin like that.I guess i like it but im still not 100% sure....OH and it turns out i DID bring the computer and i DID put another post!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just incase i dont get to write anything whilst im in Japan(2 days!)Im gonna write the stuff thats been happenin.

First. I've fallen into the trap of the Habbo Hotel.First it was for a joke now im totally absessed with it.

Second. The new Arctic Monkeys album Favourite Worst Nightmare has grown on me.Hopefully i might be able to go to the underage concert even thought i doubt it.

Third. Im officialy the desktop for a JB-HI-FI computer!!If you go to JB-HI-FI Southland you'll see a a ankwered picture of me.If its not there when i go today i shall make it me!!!!

Fourth. Im outraged at the fact that those stupid AMERICANS think that my favourite inosent little sponge Spongebob Squarepants is a homosexual!But we all know he's infact Asexaul.

Fith. I find it pretty damn funny that my dads staplers company is RAPESCO........AnKwArD!

Now i must go.Unless theres a free computer there u wont be hearing from me for 10 days!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DO THE HAMPSTER DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats that noise?.......Cant you hear that?.....OH MY GOD ITS A BUNCH OF HAMPSTERS SINGING!!!!!!!! I've always known of the hampster dance.But it was only a couple of days ago that i listend to the whole thing.AND I LOVE THE STUPID THING!!!Who could make such a thing!(im looking at you Japan)If you havent heard of it heres the video clip!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Damn those Japanese!

First it was bilk now there trying to reinvent the Sex Pistols. Yes thats right a bunch of crazy Japs singing Anarchy in the U.K.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I just finished watching the film Sid and Nancy.It was a bloody disgrace in every single way possable!And johnny rotten looked nothing like himself aswell as all the other people.The acsents were all AWFUL! Half of the film was all wrong.Its was a waste of time and a waste of the so called "unlimeted broadband"too.Sid vicious would be REALLY DISAPOINTED that such crap has been written about him. Like the lyrics in the song Bodies rather than the word she i replaced it with it

Monday, May 7, 2007

now come on!...

Another thing has copied another.Now its the spiderman logo and the PS3 logo.Im sure the guys at Sony could have been more creative.Well take a look...

now spidey..

hhhhmmmm yeahh.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Im a rockstar daddy!

Couple of days ago after a 5 week wait my moment of truth came...I GOT A GUITAR!! Its a black Fender of somesort but its awesome!! It came with an amp and all the crap i need to get started!!Heres a picture of it!


I think this cat wishes it was as tough and scary as the cheetah.Well i think it is!!Have a look and see what you think.